Tuesday, October 29, 2013

AMG Guatemala Working Closely with the Guatemalan Government

It's been a joy to begin working with the Guatemalan Government, specifically the Secretary of Social Services, Secretaria de Bienestar Social.  We have begun work together on a new foster program, our part being "church based foster care" and its promotion throughout Guatemala.  We are also trying to find better ways to keep youth out of the streets and moving forward to a positive future!  Many of these efforts are through our new At Risk no More program.  Visit our website at www.atrisknomore.org 


  1. I would love to be in tuch with you about you minstry. I have traveled to Guatemala a few times and have knowledge of a woman who is taking children into her home. I also have contac with another woman interested in helping you (not financially). There will be an article in our church magazine Buenas Noticia in April about a mother in Costa Rica from our church who is working with Casa Viva another church working with foster children. Major Joy Emmons
    The Salvation Army
    I hope you will be in touch.

  2. AMG does great work in Guatemala!